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I’ve always been interested in environmental issues.  I remember many heated debates as a teen with my Dad concerning testing on animals, pollution and recycling to name a few and dragging my mum to a particular health food shop because they stocked a cruelty free make-up range. 


My passion for natural and ethical continues to be with me, from studying aromatherapy in my 20’s and especially after the birth of my children when I became more aware of the plastics and synthetics found in our home and beauty products.


The aim of my shop is to offer a range and choice of naturally derived cleaning and beauty products and items for the home which can be recycled.  There are more and more studies to show the adverse effects that synthetic chemicals have on our bodies and our environment so there is no better time to consider the effects of these products.


I am offering a range of products to suit all budgets as well the opportunity to go plastic free with your cleaning products.  Glass bottles are available to purchase which you can fill or bring your own.   Start small and replace one product under your sink with a plant derived alternative.


This is a shop to browse, chat, swap ideas and enjoy.  Take time out from busy lives to experience traditional, handmade and ethical shopping in a modern setting.


Set in the rural Hampshire countryside within the historic Weyhill Fairground Craft Centre you can also book in for a massage, rekindle or learn a hobby and enjoy a cup of tea and scone.  With free parking and only a few minute’s drive from Andover, how about a bit of “vintage” shopping?”


Faith, Ecover, Ecoleaf, Urtekram, Natracare, Suma, Kingfisher, Redecker and many more