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Our world wide button along in January was a great success.

You can watch the video of all the buttons from the day here. 

We had several messages asking if we were going to do it again, so we’ve decided to hold World Wide Button in Public Day on 14th May.


You can send us your button making photos and videos, which we’ll share across our social media. We’ll be buttoning outside our studio in Hampshire while drinking tea and inviting passers by to join in. We’ll have buttons on show, and we’ll be talking about the history of button making along with sharing ideas for their use.


If you’d like to set up your own event do let us know and we’ll share the details onto our website, and you can share the event with Dorset Buttons 2022, where we’re celebrating 400 years of button making in Dorset.

Dorset buttons
Dorset buttons

Dorset Button in Public Day - May 2022

Past events

Arts & Crafts in the barn exhibition.jpeg

Beaker Button and Eve’s Garden had an enjoyable and successful first Arts and Crafts in the Barn exhibition which took place on 23rd to 27th November at The Fairground Craft Centre


A curated exhibition of textiles and ceramics from some very talented local artists.

They are hoping for future similar events and to involve other artists.

Arts & Crafts in the barn.jpg
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